Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

Makino NJS Keirin

Keirin is one of many forms of bicycle racing held in closed circuit or velodrome. In Japan, Keirin can be seen as pure sport, legalized human-powered gambling, or even as a cult.
What makes Keirin so special is its tradition, especially on the bicycle used. Restricted by regulation written by Nihon Jitenshaya Shinkokai (NJS)  and followed by Japanese people’s lust for perfection, the bicycles used in the Keirin races itself can be perceived as a work of art. The strict regulation stated that any bicycle competing on the Keirin must have NJS logo stamped all over its components.
This Makino is an attempt to brought the Keirin sensation to the urban environment. Nearly all the components installed is entirely NJS approved, including Dura Ace headset and cog, Hatta Swan bottom bracket, Sugino 75 crankset and lockring, Suntour hubs, MKS pedals and toe clips, Toshi straps, Kashimax saddle and Nitto controls. What’s not NJS approved are the clincher rims and 28c Vittoria Randonneur tires, intended to make this bicycle more urban street friendly.

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